The Branch of PleantyPyyon is a caring individual who is extremely self conscious about her powers and her ability to help others. She loves plants and life and of course, creating it. Unfortunately, she hasn't had the opportunity to help anyone to a great measure and her own project with Bright Promise and Archun almost failed.

Bright Promise and Archun assured her that her powers were very important and that maybe she should train to improve her skills. She rarely uses her Branch of Plenty unless in dire cases.

Unexpected events makes it hard for Archun to stay around hearth anymore and for a time he must disappear. Pyyon is crushed by this and enters into a state of depression and spends most of her days lounging in a tree outside of Bright Promise's house. She tries to make her self unseen by anyone other than Bright Promise in fear that the townsfolk will treat her the same way they treated Archun, because he was different.

One day, she travels to Northern Rhul in a burst of confidence to search for Archun. Instead, she finds another green Bishen. He has a deep understanding of plants and helps her realize her potential with her gift. She falls deeply in love with this older Bishen and pledges her life to him.

Meaning: Pink
ID: #mc32f
Sex: Female
Age: Bishen
Color: Green
Type: Arboreal
Clan: Machesri
Grandparents: Athena & Jarod
Parents: Amon'Ra & Keisne
Sisters: Estrella, Misu & Gunnhild
Brothers: Kashi, Kasidar & Fyloron
Nieces: Mjollnir, Itsu, Eliya, Djose Kianga & Pihlajatar
Nephews: Toshida, CumuloNimbus, Ira, Kazimir, Narain, Lunibré & Caoin
Breath Weapon: Mist of Confusion
Magical Objects: Branch of Plenty -- allows her to use a mist of confusion
Mate: Moschata
Bondmate(s): Archun and Bright Promise
Previous Stages: Egg, Wyrm


At Christmas time at the Bishen Realm, Pyyon received two gifts, one from Quis that was a gold necklace with a green gem and a pink pearl necklace from Indyana.

Gold Necklace with Green Gem Pink Pearl Necklace

Stocking for Pyyon

Whenever Moschata professed his love to her, he presented her with a beautiful headdress that he had made her.