Other Realms

Bright Promise directed all the workers to a portal area close by. She had maybe 50 cats she had to bring back to the other realm for adoption by other people because of the over breeding.

They got to the gate, which was protected by this canine looking creature with a huge scythe. He was about 7 feet tall and stood on two legs and dressed as if he were human, or as human as a canine could get. His legs were like a canine's but bent so that he could walk on two legs. His front arms were designed like a human's but had thick fingers, mutated from paws. The creature also had a long snout and a lot of fur.

Bright faced the creature and he snorted in her direction. She bowed her head slowly, still looking directly into his eyes. He huffed and lowered his weapon in his left paw and motioned gruffly with his other paw for the group to enter quickly.

It was a Realm agreement that all portals would have a guard at them and only certain individuals could make their way through and usually you had to make reservations in advance to make travel. Luckily, Bright was one of them allowed to travel. She was even on the committee to train the beasts that guard them and knew how to handle them.

Pyyon stayed in the back of the line to make sure everyone made it through alright. The group made it through the portal safely and was greeted by a towering figure, a blue figure nonetheless, with no hair and tendrils that fell over his mouth. He burbled out to Bright Promise, "And whhooo are youuuu?"

She had to hold back a laugh, needed to get use to this species' habits again, "I am Bright Promise of Hearth from Rhul. I've come to deliver these cats back to the original breeder for new placement." She motioned with her right hand the many caged felines.

"And whooooo gave you the ok to come into our territory?" he burbled back.

Pyyon snuck into the area and flew overhead into one of the rafters within the building that the portal opened up into and watched the proceedings from above.

"Anakroid gave me safe passage here. He said he would meet me in this spot on this day at this time. Look, I have the papers all approved and signed," she reached into her handbag and a man called from the back of the line.

"UUhhh, hey Bright, this one is waking up."

"Shh shh, we are almost done! Give me a second to deal with the officer!"

The large cat from earlier had obviously not received enough of the sedative and began to wake up too early, and he was mad. He began to pace in his cage as Bright fumbled around with papers. "I just know it is in here."

The large officer gazed down annoyed.

The men at the back began to swarm the area as it looked like the hinges of the cage were not going to handle it. The cat took a large swipe at a man who got to close and sliced right through his clothing and skin. He cried in pain and moved away from the cage. Many of the smaller men dispersed and other patrons of the transport facility began to run away. One more knock and the cat was free from its cage.

Bright Promise looked back just in time to see the cat run off into the station atrium. she turn around and ripped her purse from her shoulder and threw her head into the air growling, "Oh fu-"

A gavel banged on the King's desk as Bright Promise and the men in charge of holding that cat back were held in front of the public by rope around their arms, string them tightly to the wall. The audience in the King's throne room murmured to themselves about this crazy and tragic incident.

"Bright Prooomise," the King started. "You have been charged with reckless endangerment of our peoples within a crowded environment. How do you plead?"

"Not guilty," she asserted, "It was an accident."

"That cat was set lose and killed 20 of our people and injured nearly 100."

Bright Promise held her head low, disappointed. She wondered where Pyyon had got herself off to and how she was going to get out of THIS one.

During the scramble, Pyyon flew to get a good idea of where the cat was heading. When he started to kill, she flew back into the rafters and held her wings over her ears to drown out the screaming and closed her eyes tightly, trying to imagine herself somewhere different. Now, she was ashamed and beating herself up for her inaction. She was in the court room hidden in one of the rafters and staying quiet.

The court went on and they interviewed witness after witness and the King looked on, very upset and very disagreeable. "I will deliberate on this case for a brief time, we will meet in 2 hours after a recess," and a slam from the gavel ended the trial.

The King walked from his throne through a small door behind his desk. Following him was a bright yellow terran dragon. Pyyon cocked her head to the side. *Is that a Bishel?* she wondered and decided to investigate. In the clamor of the court room, Pyyon flew overhead and quickly followed the pair as they made their way through.

She hid behind a plant as the King slowly walked down the hall with the bright yellow Bishel somewhat lagging behind, looking around, thinking that something was around.

*Crap,* Pyyon thought, *She knows I'm here...*

But the Bishel just turned her head back to the front and followed the King. He bent over to the dragon and stated, "I must spend some time going over some things, you know. Why don't you hang around a bit and I will meet up with you soon for lunch?"

The Bishel nodded her head and stepped around as the King walked into an office and shut the door. She sighed and looked bored.

Pyyon stepped out behind the plant and slithered over to the terran, surprising her.

*Who-who are you?* a common greeting in this land, the yellow Bishel said.

Pyyon gulped and tried not to be nervous, *Pyyon, from Rhul.*

The yellow Bishel narrowed her eyes, *From Rhul, eh? Why aren't you locked up with your other friends and awaiting the verdicts?* and made a motion to escape and possibly alert someone.

*Wait, wait, please, sister, I must beg you. Do not alert anyone!*

Intrigued, the Bishen stopped and looked at Pyyon, *Why, what is it that you plead to me?*

She frowned and plead, *Sister,*

*My name is Annova,*

*Annova,* Pyyon began again, *These people mean no harm.*

*But they caused it anyway!* Annova spit back.

*They came to help your people, Annova. Can't you realize that? Sometimes mistakes happen.*

*Mistakes that cost life, are not mistakes, they are tragedies.*

Pyyon tried to reason with Annova, *Let me reason with you, you and I are both Bishen. I wouldn't be coming to you unless I was speaking the Truth. I had my Shantel, I do good works in the name of the Realm and I will vouch for these prisoners.* Pyyon held out her Branch of Plenty and created a fruit of Peace to place in one of Annova's claws.

She gazed down at the fruit, impressed. *I will listen to you, Pyyon.*

Pyyon discussed the work Bright Promise was doing and why she was here. All along praising her works and her own bondmate. *As you can see, wise Bishen, we mean no harm, this was a tragic event that affected us as well. My people do not need to be in those cages and sent to death, instead let me take them back to Rhul as quickly as possible.*

Annova nodded her head, *I cannot make this choice, but I can talk with the King, he makes the decision.*

Pyyon bowed her head in respect, *Whatever you can do to save these men and Bright Promise, I will be in debt to you and your King.*

The gavel once again pounded on the desk as the King stepped into his seat. "Hear ye, hear ye." The sound in the court room did not dull, and neither did the King's voice. "Let me speak you mangy public. Shut yer traps!" As it would seem, this place hadn't much formality- at least the room quieted down to a dull mumur. "That's right. Now, listen! In the case of the endangerment, I have ruled that Bright Promise and her working crew are to finish their transaction with the appropriate officials and then return to Rhul promptly. They will not be allowed back into the Realm for an indefinite amount of time." He banged his gavel once more and then stood up.

An uproar released itself into the room as angry patrons began to exit the court.

Pyyon caught the eye of Annova. *Thank you*.

Annova winked and walked away with the King.

One of the guards cut down Bright and the other men. Pyyon flew from the rafters to meet with Bright Promise.

"Was that a Bishel I saw?" Bright asked Pyyon as she rubbed her sore wrists.

Pyyon nodded with a smile on her face, very proud of herself. *You betcha!*

Bright gave a coy smile to the Bishen. *What did you do? You know... you could have gotten yourself into trouble too!*

Pyyon's lightheartedness dampened a bit.

"... but of course, what is life without a few surprises?" Bright said and patted Pyyon on the head. "C'mon, let's finish our transaction and head home."

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