Archun is a mysterious creature. Is he really what he tells Bright Promise he is? Out of nowhere, he comes into Bright Promise's life when she is a child and watches over her at night in her bedroom. As she grew, he never aged, never once gave the impression of wear. Even outlived his expiration date and witnessed Bright's parent's deaths from an inherited disease that Bright is almost guaranteed to befall the same.

Archun keeps his alternate life a secret from Pyyon. He didn't think he needed to tell her and worry her for the potential danger he is in for being a major player in the well being of Rhul as a whole. Eventually, hard times, which are hidden from the public of Rhul, alerts Archun and he must travel to the north to battle.

There, he is grouped with other powerful forces of Rhul in a battle against a terrible evil that has reared itself in the northern lands. The details of the battle are not discussed extensively in this story but does cause major pain for Pyyon as she must wait for him to return- she cannot come with him nor even when she goes to look for him, able to find this secret battleground.

He returns to Pyyon and Bright, damaged and must confess to Pyyon his life and tel of a few secrets of the world she lives in.

Archun (Human Form)
Sex: Male
Age: Looks late 20s
Race: Designed to be Hearthan
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 205lbs
Powers/Attacks: Archun has no powers while in his human form, other than to transform back into his spirit form.
Mate: Elaria/Bright Promise
Bondmate: Pyyon
Base from: Wayuki's Place


Archun (Gryphon Form)
Sex: Male
Age: Unknown; Very old
Race: Merdinish
Fur: Light blue with black stripes
Eyes: Green
Height: Cat size: about 1'
Tiger size: 6'
Weight: Cat size: 10lbs
Tiger size: 440lbs
Wingspan: Cat size: about 3'
Tiger size: about 8'
Powers/Attacks: Growth -- can transform to be either a cat-sized or tiger-size gryphon
Transport -- can transport himself to -anywhere- within Rhul's boundaries