The Love that Would Grow a Garden

It seemed that Pyyon took a liking to Moschata and Moschata to Pyyon quite quickly within the span of days.

Pyyon's mission to find Archun was put off as it would seem with the new friend she had made.

Moschata would sit with Pyyon within the pumpkin patch and they would discuss the different adventures they had within their lifetimes.

Moschata was quite older than Pyyon, she knew he must have been in more interesting and tiring places than she, but he did not make that history available to her.

*Why won't you tell me more about this other land you were in before coming to Rhul?*

He paused, *Because it is in the past, right now I am looking for a vacationing spot. You know, settle down for a little and then maybe go on adventuring.*

Pyyon blushed a little through her green skin, *That's a very nice thing to think about.*

*What about you, Pyyon? What would you like to do?*

*I...* she stopped, how could she put Archun off to be with this male, *my bondmate, is missing.*


*That's why I am here...*

*Really? Does he live in one of the villages near here?*

*No, he lived south of here in Hearth.*

*Hearth... Hearth?* he tried to recall in his memory, *I don't believe I have heard that name before.*

*Probably not, it is much different in the south than in the north, I can tell. Especially if you are a new visitor.*

*Tell me about your bondmate then?*

*Well, he is a kind man. I believe there is something more to his life than he would like to lead others to believe.*

*How so? Is he a dirty man? Illicit affairs?*

*How can you say that!* Pyyon became defensive, *Archun would never do that!*

*Well, you say you didn't know if he was having another life or not.*

*I just... know... anyway, he told me he had urgent business to attend to and he wouldn't be back for some time. That's been almost a year, maybe two, I've lost count of the months and days...*

*Hmm, and you think he is up here, in the north?*

*Yes,* she nodded, *I feel him nearby...*

*Hmm...* Moschata sat and thought about the possible outcomes of this adventure and played with the pumpkin vines. Using a finger, he commanded the vine to wrap itself around Pyyon's tail.

*Hey!* she laughed, *stop that!*

*Hehe* he replied and tied it around more.

*How do you do that?*

*Well, being as I am pretty skilled in my magic, you tend to learn more thing about your power as you use more and more often. I can't explain it. Maybe it deals with your magical objects or your lineage. But exploring yourself helps you understand the world and what you are able to change about it.*

*That's very... deep, Moschata. I am sure you've learned a lot in your years, even if you are not forthcoming with that information.*

Moschata smiled slightly. *Hey, I have an idea. Let's turn this pumpkin patch into something more.*

*How so?*

*Let's rebuild the fence, put flowers in, maybe other plants...*

*But whose patch is this, is it yours?*

*No, it isn't mine,* Moschata got up and began walking around surveying the area.

*Wait, don't you think the owner will be upset.*

*Nah, I've talked to the owner. She loves taking care of the plants here. But I have an idea.*

The two worked long into the night. Of course, it was getting colder by the day and the sunlight was dim. Moschata dug around in the forest one afternoon and found an old lantern. He managed to spark a flame within on the old candle so that light would be made.

They constructed the fence piece by piece. Moschata was able to tie vines around it tightly to reinforce the fence, making the pumpkins a part of the fence and the fence a living object.

Pyyon began to plant bushes of berries around the perimeter. They were about three feet talk and had the sweetest fruit. She had never seen this type of plant before but it made her proud.

The new garden included the new bushes, a plethora of vines, a few trees along the northern quarter, and a myriad of vegetables and fruit growing along with the pumpkins.

When they were finished, Pyyon looked over to Moschata and smiled, *This is good, Moschata.*

Their eyes met in a deep gaze. A light flickered in Moschata's eyes as he picked up a piece of tattered vine. Using his magic, he made it grow into a lovely circlet with many leaves and lovely twisting vines that fell down the back.

*Pyyon,* Moschata started.

*Yes?* she gazed back.

*Please say you'll be my mate?*

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