the Fourth Shantel

The date of the Shantel was about a week from when they found the letter, so they were not too unprepared for it.

Everyday, Pyyon would sit in her tree, overlooking the hill that led down to the Town of Hearth and wonder what she would expect whenever she got back to the Realm. Oh it had been a long time. How many brothers did she have again? And sisters too? She gazed at the invitation again. *Estrella, Maleah, Kashi, Kasidar, Fyloron, Pyyon, Gunnhild. Six siblings,* she read. Six shrapes she had never heard of or really even knew they existed, and she was sure they didn't realize that she existed either.

Then there was her mother and father too, of course. What would they be like, would they like her for what she has become? Would she make them proud? In her mind all she felt was doubt and some type of regret for never having the opportunity to go to the Realm before.

"Hey you!" Archun called up the tree. "Yeah, you, the one with the wings!"

*Oh Archun, I don't feel like playing right now*, she frowned.

"Hey, frowns aren't allowed around here. Come down here and talk to me!"

Pyyon glided down effortlessly to the ground in front of Archun. *What is it you want?*

"I know you're kinda bummed about this whole "Shantel" thing, but look, it is really a great honor that you get to have this."

Words seemed to swirl from her as she confessed to Archun, *I don't know if it is because of the Shantel, per se, Archun*, she cocked her head slightly. *I think I am more intimidated by the fact that I do not know these other dragons I am honoring this day with. I will be in front of the Kailan and the rest of the residents of the Realm who have no idea who I am or who you are and they are all going to be judging us on this one moment. I mean, maybe I shouldn't care and just go there once and then come back to Rhul where I don't feel so nervous.*

"Whoa, whoa, there, Pip." Archun rubbed Pyyon's nose playfully. "Remember, I bet your brothers and sisters haven't met each other yet either if they all went to new homes as well. So remember, this is a new and frightful experience to them as well."

Pyyon nodded, *That is a new way to look at this. Maybe I will really have a good time at the Bishen Realm and want to visit again.*

"Exactly, a good time. I always want you to enjoy yourself, you hear me?" he pointed a finger in Pyyon's face as she giggled. "If there is ever a time you have the opportunity to go out and be with other Bishen, go for it, ok? Just make sure you bring me along." he winked.

"Treeeee!" she gleefully trumpeted, *Of course!*

"Really, Pyyon. At least you have siblings. I don't have any. Bright doesn't have any!"

*Really, you don't have any?*

"Not one... but while I was growing up I had a really close friend that was like a brother to me. We use to do things all the time, you know, play games, go on adventures. Really fun stuff!"

*That sounds wonderful, really... Maybe I should meet someone my age that I can do that sort of thing.*

Archun nodded, "Wonderful, Pyyon. I am so glad that you are starting to notice all the good things you have going for you."

*Thank you Archun.*

"Alright, let's get ready to travel!"

The trio had finally made their way to Bishen Realm. "Wow," Bright said in awe, I've been here before but I've never seen this place so hopping!"

*Hmm*, Pyyon grinned, *I overheard talk of a "White Egg". I don't think Bishen usually come in white. I think that might be why it is so bustling. That and the Spring Festival approaching.*

"What happens at the Spring Festival?" Archun chimed in, carrying a few supplies and feeling somewhat overwhelmed.

*I haven't the slightest clue*, Pyyon trilled. *I guess I will have to find out, eventually.*

They made it to the main area that the Shantel was to take place at. Earlier, Indyana had introduced herself to Archun and Pyyon and showed them a little bit of the area, but had to run off to prepare for the event.

*I don't know who are my siblings or even my parents.* Pyyon whined a bit from being frustrated and a few tears formed in her eyes.

Then a green terran started to gather the dragons around. *Pyyon, am I correct?*

*Yes*, Pyyon nodded quietly. *Was this her father?*

*Hi Pyyon*, he introduced himself, *I am Jarod. We will hopefully starting soon, he said exasperated, as soon as we find Pierre...* he trailed of. *Any way, your siblings are gathered over there. I am sure you are very eager to talk to them.*

*Of course*, she bowed her head politely.

*Well then*, he finished, *enjoy yourself and congratulations!*

The Bishen walked off to look for more stragglers and Pyyon crawled up close to Archun. *Fwee...* she whined, *Oh, just think good thoughts for me Archun*, she muttered as she wrapped her tail around his legs.

"No worries. Remember?"

She nodded. *No Worries.* Pyyon flew over to where another green male was sitting. She nodded her head. *Hi there*, she squeaked, *I am P-p-p-pyyon*, and her green face turned a little pinkish with embarrassment from her stutter.

*Hehe*, the other chuckled, *I am Fyloron, nice to meet you!*

*Whew*, she thought to herself, *that broke the ice a bit*.

They chatted quietly for a while and discussed about their worlds and the different adventures they've had. Two terrans were running around the fountain, others were in the pond. It seemed like a friendly bunch. Then, a red terran spoke up, *The Kailan is ready*.

Pyyon gazed around and saw a beautiful red arboreal. She caught her eye and the female waved with a huge smile. *Mother?* her eyes glossed over.

The Shantel had started, the Kailan surprised them all and landed right in front of her and all her siblings. She gulped audibly and had wide eyes.

He nods with satisfaction and approached his rock. *Well, it seems we have quite a few good clutches to start of our year,* he says. *A few of you have traveled great distances to be here today, and not without trials along the way. However, you have all survived and are here today to become full Bishen.*

Pyyon breathes a sigh of relief and pays attention again. *Estrella, come forward,* booms the Kailan. Pyyon watched as a blue marine female slithers forward. *You have grown to love the sea, Estrella, as has your bondmate. I give to you this Friendship Ocarina. Play it and creatures of the sea will help you in your journeys. It also gives you the power to speak the language of anyone you may come across.* The Kailan gives the ocarina to her and she slithers back to her place.

*Maleah, please come forward,* and yet another blue marine female makes her way to the front. *You are graceful and silent, true to your color. To you I give this Cloud Stone. It will enable you to create clouds that you can ride, and they will take you anywhere you wish to go. This stone also gives you the breath weapon of Thundermist, a dark mist that creates the sound of thunder and frightens and throws enemies away. Use this gift well.*

*Kashi, come forward,* is announced and one of the wild green terran males came forward. *Ah, you are truly your father's son, young Kashi. Through the toughest times, you were able to keep a positive outlook and flourish. You have a love of nature and quiet that your father once shared. Therefore, like your father, I give you a Spring Orb. This orb allows you to create the season of spring around you and to inspire growth in all plants. I know you will use it responsibly, just as your father has.*

The second green terran male then came forward as the kailan announced his name, *Kasidar, come forward. You to, Kasidar, I give this Luxis Cabochon. It will light you way in the darkest of tunnels. It also allows you to create powerful flashes of light to blind enemies. May your work always be brightly lit and your walls always be sturdy, young one.*

When Kasidar leaves from the front, he makes a mess after bumping into Fyloron. Pyyon leans to her brother as he righted himself, *Good luck* and smiles with a little laugh. He nods and when his name is called, steps up to the front. Pyyon tried to gain some sort of confidence before her turn.

*Fyloron, come forward. You, Fyloron, have the grace of your grandmother, as well as her affinity for water. To you I give this Water Draw Stone. It will allow you to draw up rivers from the earth and control the movement of water. This can serve to protect and provide. Use it wisely, however, as water can be a force of life as well as a force of destruction.*

Pyyon gulped hard and her wings began to shake a little and her mouth quivered. *Strength, no worries,* she repeated to herself again and again.

*You can do it,* a voice came to her. She looked over at Archun.

*Archun?* she replied, he just winked and smiled in return.

Branch of Pleanty*Pyyon, come forward.* She slithered forward and bowed her head to the Kailan. *You, Pyyon, live a life up on the mountains of Elaria. However, you never fail to be friendly to those you meet. To you I give this Branch of Plenty. It will ensure that your tables are always filled with enough food to share with your friends and family, even during the worst mountain winters. It will also allow you to breath a mist of confusion at enemies.*

Her eyes lit up. It was the most perfect tool for her and for the rest of the Shantel all she could do was fawn over her new found power and object.

Gunnhild was called last. She looked completely war-torn. Pyyon felt kind of bad for her and for what she must have been put through. *Gunnhild, you are one of the few Bishel Dragons of your generation who has seen the horrors of war and violence. They have scarred your body, but never your spirit. To you I give this Rift Cloud. It will allow you to create powerful bursts of energy that can turn back even the most powerful of foes. It also allows you to open rifts in reality and travel to any place you know well. Use this object with great caution, as the abilities to harm others and alter the fabric of reality are a great responsibility. I trust that you will use this object wisely and make our clan proud.*

Gunnhild returns to her spot next to Pyyon and Pyyon smiles sweetly to her.

*Now, shrapes, you are full Bishen, ready to take your place in our clan. You have all shown great skill, great courage, and great spirit through all your trials. Many of you may leave and travel far from this place, but remember that the Realm is always your home, and no matter where you may wander, the connections of blood hold you to this place. Now go, little free spirits.* With that, the Kailan bows to the crowd, and the Shantel is officially over.

She turns to Gunnhild and awes over her object, *Wow, that is sure an awesome object! I bet it is really fun to use!*

*Yeah,* chimes in Fyloron, *I bet you could blow up big things with that!*

The three chat a bit before their parents come over to talk to them.

*Oh Pyyon,* her mother greets her. *You've grown into a lovely Bishen!* Pyyon smiles and gives a hug. Her father does the same with a smile.

Pyyon stays and chats with all her siblings and talk about their future plans. *Well,* she said, *I plan on making great use of this,* as she holds up her Branch of Plenty. *It will be of great use in Eldora*.

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