"So, have you thought about how you are going to take care of this, Daddy?" Bright Promise winked.

"Heh," Archun puffed, somewhat intimidated by this new task. "I hope I have time for him..." he drifted in his speech.

"You'll make time. You'll see how easy it is, once you have something to take care of, how you'll want to spend time on it."

Archun smiled at Bright, she had the same attitude about caring for things that Elaria owned. "I am glad at least one of us has great expectation for my caring of this dragon."

"Oh don't be silly, Archun!" Bright smacked playfully at his shoulder. He was much taller than her, so she had to extend her arm just to tap it lightly. "By the way," she continued, "Did you ever think of a name for your new baby?" she smiled.

Archun stopped and dug his toe into the soft ground beneath. He did decide on a name, but he was not sure how Bright Promise would take it. "Oh, yes, a name." He continued walking, quicker this time.

"So?" Bright Promise caught up to him and rounded him on the right trying to stop him again. "What's wrong, didn't you think of a name?"

Archun stopped. He diverted his eyes from Bright Promise's worrying glare to the trees above. He was not sure if he ever talked about Merik to Bright Promise openly. "Well, you see," he started, "you know where I came from, right?"

"Of course, but if I understand it completely... no."

"When we first met, you saw the past in my eyes, I know you did. Did you see other people there with you?"

Growing silent, Bright Promise pondered her thoughts from that day from long ago. "Seriously, Archun, how is this to help me?"

"Just think for a second, please?"

Closing her eyes she remembered another girl with her one morning. She had really silky hair that was trimmed just below her shoulder blades and was very thin- short but thin. "I remember a girl," she finally whispered.

"Good, good... what did she look like?"

"Short," she hesitated and opened her eyes, "Light hair- long, light hair and very thin build."

"Ahh, that's [NAME HERE], she was your sister."

"My real sister, or one of those people you said were my adopted siblings?"

"Adopted... From what I know, you were alone before you met with Eldor."

"Oh," her voice drifted, slightly disappointed with the lack of detail, though plentiful information, about her past life. Her eyes closed once again. "I remember three other boys," she smiled. "One was Aille. I'd never forget him," she nodded her head while still in a trance.

"Aille is still with you, you know."

"Of course, Archun," she turned to face him and delicately opened her eyes to his face. "I would never back down from my religion, even if this story you tell me is so outlandish."

"Believe me," Archun held her hands, "I would never lie to you."

Their eyes met, a perfect blue with the swirling mixture of brown and gold. "I want to believe you, Archun."

"Then do."

She tilted her head away from his stare. "I believe," she whispered, "It's just hard to admit it to myself."

Archun smiled and grabbed her close to him. "I'm glad you said something."

Bright laughed. "So tell me, what is the name for the dragon?"

"Merik." he paused.

"Merik, where did you come up with such a name?"

"He was your brother."

"Oh... were you good friends with him..." Bright questioned and pushed herself slightly away from Archun's grasp.

"Kind of," Archun's voice drifted. Should I tell her the real reason? Would she understand? "He's the one that prompted you, er Elaria, to talk to me in the first place. I owe him the deepest thanks..."

Bright cocked her head to the right and looked at him again. "That's so sweet..." she started to giggle slightly but stopped herself.

"What, you think that's funny?" Archun smirked jokingly.

"Indeed I do!" Bright flirted.

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