Bright Promise

Bright Promise is an eccentric woman with many goals in her life. Her biggest project has been her Animal Care Center in Hearth that caters to animals of all stature. She has studied long and hard about the crazier species of animals found in Rhul and it seems she has been practically everywhere. During her travels in Rhul, she was able to track done certain portals around Rhul and successfully traveled through some of them to other worlds. Through these passages she was able to network with other lands and help set up Animal Rescue services for lands with endangered species. In this program, leaders from other worlds would join together and assign applicants creatures to take to good homes in hopes of propagating the species.

Over the years, Bright Promise housed many species in Rhul in the different areas and many times had to try and hide them from locals who may try to hurt these other animals. Finally, after many years she was able to get government sanction for her work and was given a piece of land to house these endangered animals.

In this story, Bright Promise travels to Bishen Realm and brings back a mysterious egg. Her close friend, Archun, is asked to take care of it. She, promises to help him along the way and believes that he would be an excellent bondmate to a dragon.

She treats Pyyon like a daughter and loves her dearly. After Archun leaves on urgent business, Bright Promise cares for Pyyon.

Bright Promise
Sex: Female
Age: 27 years
Race: Hearthan
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 140lbs
Powers/Attacks: Talk to Animals -- BP can usually communicate well with feral animals, creatures, beings... etc. and can calm them. It is more an innate ability than a power or attack.
Mate: Archun
Temporary Bondmate: Pyyon
Base from: Wayuki's Place