We Found Archun

The new lovers had built a beautiful garden. But Pyyon was worried, *Moschata, but winter will be coming soon, all of this will wilt and die.* Tears welled up in her eyes just thinking of all the work they've put into everything and that it would all just fade away.

*Ah, my love, but this is where the next phase of my plan comes in.*

*Phase? So you planned this all along.*

*Of course,* as he pressed his nose to hers.

*So what is this "Plan" of yours you speak of?*

*Easy, well if it works. We both have pretty interesting breath weapons, and power pertaining to plants, right?*

*Right,* she nodded, not seeing where he was headed with this tangent.

*Well, what if we tried to use our powers together?*

*What! Are you serious? This seems... not right...*

Moschata pleaded with his eyes.

*Do you think... we can... do that?*

*Why not? Worst that can happen is that it doesn't work and we both feel a little embarrassed. (The pumpkins may get upset too, but they are just pumpkins!)*

Pyyon giggled, *Well, if you're not afraid to try, then neither am I.*

*Me, afraid? Of course not!*

The two held each other close and concentrated real hard.

*Now, let's just try something small at first.*

*I believe this will take a lot of energy, Moschata.*

*I believe it will too. But it will be worth it.*

The two aimed to make a shield that would last until the spring for the plants. Moschata's energy would keep others away from it and Pyyon's mist would cover it in a warm blanket. Together, their energy combined would keep the plants alive through the winter into the spring, with luck.

Try after try, they were unsuccessful to create a plant mist until they tried just one more time- then magic was surely happening.

Soon, an entire blanket of this mist covered the patch, ending just a few feet around the perimeter of the fence.

The two were very tired from their work, and decided to cuddle within the blanket mist and sleep.

Pyyon woke with a sudden shock. *Ughn!* she shouted as she was trusted on her back, wings spread far apart.

Moschata awoke to see his beloved in pain. *Pyyon!* he cried as she opened her eyes and gasped.

*Moschata, I feel, I feel there is something terribly wrong here.* Her eyes drooped open and close many time before the world grew dark.

No longer was there a beautiful sky with birds singing in the distance. What was left was what looked to be the remnants of a garden, destroyed by fire and waste.

*NO!* she cried out.

*Pyyon, what is this?* Moschata asked in a very scared tone. *Where are we?*

*Oh, Moschata, I thought I was alone!* she hugged her mate closely.

In another blink of an eye, forms began to take shape. Huge creatures of black and grays filled the land and sky with their terror.


*What was that?*


*I don't know!* Pyyon yelled with a whine.


Suddenly a huge paw, about twenty times larger than Pyyon and Moschata combined came crashing down on them.

Their eyes tightly shut, they then opened them, feeling fine.

"Pyyon..." a voice called out.

Pyyon recognized the voice immediately, although it sounded as if it had a certain other dialect than the one she remembered. *Archun?!*

A large tiger with wings materialized in front of her and Moschata. "Pyyon," it spoke, "you mustn't look any further for me."

*What is THIS, Archun?*

"This, my Pyyon, is the spirit world, tightly wound close to Rhul. Each soul that resides within Rhul is tied back to this realm. It is of the most importance that these worlds stay in balance. The soul realm is always fluctuating and when disputes occur, the Rhul world is stressed as the balance between the spirit world and Rhul is torn apart. When I left you, an evil power from the darkest ages re-arose in this land. The battle between good and evil once again ensued."

*Archun...* Pyyon whined.

"Do not be scared, I cannot be injured. I cannot say that for other souls who have been lost." He turned his body so that Pyyon and Moschata could see the torment the souls had gone through. Soul-Bodies of creatures and humans alike lay in pieces, lifeless.

*What happens to these souls?*

"Their living counterparts become very cold... their lives are meaningless."

Pyyon began crying, as did part of Moschata, even though he did not show it. *Are we in danger too?* Moschata finally asked.

"You must not stay her much longer. My magic protecting your body within this realm with wearing thin. In this realm, your souls are strong. Do not worry, for you are protected."

The creatures in the background slowly faded away as well as the screaming and the fighting. Soon Archun dispersed into the air and the world became right again.

Pyyon breathed hard as did Moschata. *What, what does this mean?* Pyyon turned to Moschata with pleading eyes.

Moschata pauses for a long time thinking until he replied, *We go on living...*

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