Some time has passed in the Rhul realm and being Pyyon's caretaker at the moment, Bright Promise received a letter from the Bishen Realm from a messenger.

To Bright Promise
As the blessings of the holidays come upon you and your family, the Bishen Realm invites Pyyon and you to visit us on Christmas Eve to celebrate in gift giving and merriment.

She smiled as she went outside to find Pyyon. "Pyyon!" She found her in one of the tree branches, holding on to her own Branch of Plenty.

*Yes'm?* Pyyon replied, not even gazing down at Bright and steadily watched the horizon.

"Oh, silly girl, you can't spend all this time daydreaming," Bright grinned slightly, remembering her own daydreaming days.

Pyyon sighed and Bright could tell she was frowning, *And what if it is all I have TO do?* Pyyon commented again, now she turned her head to Bright and narrowed her eyes.

Sympathetic, Bright opened her arms, "Please come here Pyyon." The Bishel tucked her Branch in one of the crevices of the tree, a little hiding spot she kept when she visited Bright in Hearth, and sauntered down the tree and slithered to Bright. "Now, I have something that might excite you, actually, I know it will."

Pyyon brightened up slightly, *Huh? What is it? Is it from that silly little lizard that calls himself a dragon postmaster?* Pyyon giggled at her own little joke.

Rolling her eyes, Bright stepped back from hugging Pyyon. "Now that's not nice to call Weeber that! He puts a lot of effort into dragging that mail bag all over Hearth!" Bright couldn't hold her laughter much longer, and chimed in with Pyyon in giggling, "He is kind of scraggly, isn't he?" The two calmed down quickly and Bright continued, "Yes, Weeber delivered this," she reached into her pocket and found the invitation she placed there earlier. "This," she held up, "is an invitation for us both to go to the Bishen Realm and join in their Holiday festivities!"

Pyyon's eyes glowed, *Will I get to see my brothers and sisters, and mother and father too?* The Bishel began to wiggle her tail in excitement, but a strange realization came over her, *Archun wasn't invited, was he?* her expression dropped.

Bright tightened her grip on the card that held the invitation, "I'm sure it is because of these circumstances, not that they've forgotten him, Pyyon." Bright outstretched a calm hand to pat Pyyon's head but the Bishel quickly jerked her head away.

*He was mine first, not you! You are just a replacement!* Tears welled in her eyes as she began to sniffle.

Bright Promise was hurt, of course, but there was little she could do when Pyyon would start crying. The plants around Pyyon's tail began to weep and die. This made Bright Promise feel a strange icy ball of nausea in the pit of her stomach, and she laid the invitation on the ground and walked back into her house.

Pyyon calmed after Bright was gone. *I am a full grown Bishen, why must I *sniff* cry like this every time I think of Archun?* The tears cleared her eyes and she gazed at the invitation, *But I can't pass something like this up.*

A month later, the couple trekked to the Bishen Realm. Everything in the area was full of laugher, singing and bright colored lights.

*Bright, I can't believe what they've done with this place! It looks so much different since I was here for my Shantel!*

"I agree, I think they've done well," she grinned.

Pyyon became serious and pulled Bright aside, *Bright, look, I am sorry about the whole crying fit I've been pulling lately, I don't know why I can't seem to get over losing my Bondmate... and I take back what I said that day, I love you just as if you were my original bondmate.*

Bright Promise just smiled and placed a hand on Pyyon's cheek.

Pyyon's attention was soon caught by the stockings hanging off to the side. *Oh! I want to see those things!* Pyyon quickly came to flight and hurriedly flew by the stockings. Some of the smaller dragons pillaged through the mass and would call out each time they found someone's name, *Mjollnir! Here's yours!* a light blue wyrm shouted to a purple wyrm who shyly slithered up and grabbed her stocking.

There were about 9 wyrms all huddled around the stockings, commenting to each other about what was in their personal stockings. One by one they noticed Pyyon hovering by and would stop and stare up at her, poke the one next to them and point. Feeling a bit nervous, Pyyon dropped to the ground and gave a polite smile to the little wyrms, since it had been a long time since she'd been one.

*And who are all of you cute little ones?* Pyyon expressed. Some of the wyrms narrowed their eyes while others looked upon her kindly.

One whom gave her a stern look grumbled, *We aren't that little*, and went back to his stocking.

Feeling slightly embarrassed, Pyyon crawled back and just watched the other wyrms. Some of the smaller wyrms came over and sat by her. Three of these wyrms had strange feathered wings, well at least Pyyon thought this strange since she had draconian wings. One of them slithered closer and whispered, *You look like my mommy*.

Pyyon gazed over at the little aquamarine wyrm and gave a slight chuckle, *Is that so? Well, all Bishel Dragons look alike I suppose*.

The little wyrm frowned a bit, *What's your name miss?* she asked.

Not really expecting such a precocious wyrm, she stuttered, *P-p-pyyon*.

The wyrms in the group lit up, *That's why you look like my mommy, you're her sister! Hey, wyrms! This is Pyyon, our aunt!* Curious, all nine of the wyrms slithered over to the little group and gathered around Pyyon. *Really? You are our aunt? What's an aunt?*

Pyyon's Christmas StockingThe aquamarine wyrm had to explain their relation to Pyyon before the conversation could go on. Pyyon found out that the three feathered dragons as well as two others were her sister Gunnhild's children with her mate Devgan and the other four were her brother Kashi's sons and daughters with his mate Juliette. Seems like Pyyon has missed a lot in the Realm.

*Here Aunt Pyyon, let's go find your stocking!* The wyrms rushed over to the hanging stockings and plundered through them. *Here, here! It says, Pie-on*, one of the wyrms replied. Pyyon slithered over and saw a special little stocking just for her.

Inside there was a candy cane and a few other treats. *I feel just like a little wyrm again*, she commented to herself *but I wish Archun could have been here this year with me*.

Bishen Realm's Gift to PyyonBright Promise had found a few friends of her own that had visited Hearth not too long ago and Indyana chatted with new people Pyyon had never seen before. Soon everyone gathered together by the large Christmas tree where hundreds of presents laid just waiting to be opened. Indyana handed out all of the wonderful wrapped presents from the Bishen Realm and Pyyon was surprised to receive one.

The smallest wyrms opened their presents first; she saw her nieces and nephews open new toys, some jewelry and other items. Her present was wrapped in scarlet paper and a beautiful green bow. She'd never received such a present before, and she almost hated to rip the paper from the edges.

"Go ahead, Pyyon, you and your siblings are next in line to go," Bright Promise urged.

Quis's Gift to PyyonPyyon gulped and grabbed her present. She moved closer to her brothers and sisters and gazed forward; a woman approached her and handed her a second present. "Hi Pyyon," she greeted the arboreal, "I am Quis, bondmate to Decertare. I thought you'd appreciate something so I brought you this." She handed her a aqua colored present with a light green bow.

Bracelet from Quis*Thank you*, Pyyon smiled. Quis went back to the circle and Pyyon was left by her brothers and sisters with two very big presents inside. Necklace from Bishen RealmThey were given a nod to open and they all tore into their presents. Pyyon, on the other hand, opened her presents carefully. Inside Quis's box, she found a cute little bracelet with a green gem hung on it. She scanned the group and found Quis nearby so she shot her a glace of gratitude and move to her second present.

The scarlet box held a beautiful necklace with many different pink pearls adorned on the silver chain. *How sweet, I absolutely love it*. All of her siblings were in great acceptance of their presents as well and commented the others on theirs. Many of them complimented Pyyon as Bright Promise slipped the necklace around her neck and clipped it in the back. *Thank you*, she nodded embarrassed and flushed in the face.

"Pyyon, you got some lovely presents today," Bright Promise commented as they made their way back to Hearth.

*I agree*, Pyyon complied as she stared enamored at her new jewelry and candy. *Did I tell you I met my nieces and nephews?*

"No! Who mated? I didn't hear any of this!"

*Gunnhild mated with Devgan and produced some very sweet wyrms, some of them even have feathered wings!*

"Feathered wings, is that even possible?"

Pyyon shrugged, *I guess so, because these didn't look glued on*. Bright Promise chuckled and Pyyon continued, *Kashi mated with Juliette and had some very cute little wyrms as well. I will be excited to see them when they are all grown up and have their Shantel*.

"I hope you'll decide to travel back to Bishen Realm when that occurs, Pyyon."

*I do too, Bright*. Pyyon paused and looked into the sky, *I know Archun would have wanted me to go*.

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