Archun, Bright and Pyyon stayed in Eldora for a long time after the Hatching. Pyyon did grow quite quick, unprecedented by anything Bright had known about Rhul animal growth.

Everyday Archun and bright would plant new things and everyday more would die. The Taeds were taught how to take care of certain things, but unfortunately they were just as careless as the Seques.

Archun got use to the idea of taking care of another living thing. of course, it was a new thing for him, at least he had Bright to guide him along the way. She, in turn, didn't feel as lonely watching Archun take care of the little being. She thought it was good for him too, even if he needed a lot of guiding.

Pyyon was a picky eater. She only enjoyed the fruits that grew up in the mountains on vines near the place her egg hatched. Her favorite consisted of glittery fruit that came in many colors.

Pyyon"Pyyon! You're going to get chubby with all this sweet you're eating!" Bright would tell her from day to day. All that Pyyon would reply with was a burp or a sly grin.

Bright had heard from natives that a dark force had been taking over the area. Most of the Taeds were nervous being outside during the day. Many blamed the dark clouds on the gods who were punishing them.

Archun muttered under his breath one evening, "Their whole world is falling apart and they blame it on a non-existing being."

"What did you say, Archun?" Bright questioned.

"Oh, nothing important, I just want to move on this project as fast as we can so we can head back to Hearth."

Bright smiled and bent her head back down into her work, "I am beginning to lose hope, you see."

Archun's ears perked, he had never heard her speak like this before, "Heh, you lose hope?"

"Yes, me lose hope, novel isn't it?"

"Well, it sure is different."

Pyyon wandered around the landscape. She had spoken before but she was quite the quiet one. She enjoyed mostly sitting by herself in one of the growing trees and hanging from branches.

*Archun?* she asked one day.

"Yes, Pyyon?"

*What is over there?* she pointed to the horizon, *Where does the sun go when it falls asleep?*

"Uh... heh," Archun raised his eyebrows, unable to think of an imaginative answer to tell her. "Well, Pyyon, the sun never really sleeps. He continues to circle our world in search of something, returning each day to look over his lands once again, in hopes of finally claiming his lost treasure."

*Oh*, her head perked up. *Can we help him find it?*

"Heh," he replied, "I don't think he will let us help. He is forever separated from the night. I think sometimes he searches for what he cannot achieve."

*Does he search for the moons?*

"Yeah, Pyyon, he searches for the moons."

*Tell me the story of the moons again, Archun! I love that one...*

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