Iniara is a witch to put in plain terms. She believes that she is one of a kind and a blessing of the gods upon the Land of Rhul. Of course, these thoughts melt away whenever she finds herself lost in Demintrix and especially when she finds Derik. Just then, she realizes that she is indeed a part of the tribe of Daemenites, but was lost more than half a century ago. She comes to accept her ancestry and the predictions tied into her birth underneath the full moon.

Meaning: Of Strong Ice
Title: Empress of the Council of Bepthör
Sex: Female
Age: 56 years
Race: Daemenite
Lineage: Unknown
Hair: Light Gray
Eyes: Ice Blue
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 120lbs
Element: Ice
Powers/Attacks: See Below
Husband: Derik
Base from: Apitchou


S'dia d' Woia (Controlling of Mind): a strong ability to control the body movements and behavior of someone nearby. In the story, she uses this power to make the bartender in Hearth to slowly become intoxicated while talking to Ad'cero. She also uses a form of this to calm Eidea'col when she is first born and starts to tear Merold's house apart.

Emah Chitice (Ice Heart): Iniara has full control of turning anything frozen. This includes bodies where she can control the temperature to slowly fall and soon stop someone's heart, i.e. how the attack got its name.