Along the outer reaches of Rhul, the forest of Litor, once blooming with lush plants and growth, has been enchanted by magic. The outcasts of the land gather on these outer reaches and follow the ways of the Daemen in order to fulfill their capabilities. The Daemen, the pure essence of magic in Rhul, leads the true and wicked, the fearful and sympathetic to unimaginable depths. Ownership over this essence leaves the powerful urging more control in a fight for dominance and the secure desperate to lock it away for times of better need.

This is where Iniara (in-i-ra) falls between the categories. As a young child of no particular ancestry, even depicted as androgynous, founded the Council of Bepthör (behp-tahr) under the fellowship of a dark magic. Dark magic closely translated to personal freedom and management of affairs without consideration of other people. Loneliness of a child permeates experimentation, and for Iniara, a name she had given herself, this drove her into the darker sides of the Daemen.

IniaraShe, to classify the being as mostly feminine, awoke one morn lost in the depths of Litor. Her glossy silver hair covered her eyes, while she tried desperately to see where she was. The young child knew nothing of a past and nothing of a future. She sat awake underneath a tall magwood tree, known for their height and long life span, for days on end, attempting to remember a mother or a father or any understanding of who she was. These days and nights passed with little luck, therefore Iniara came to the conclusion that she had just been born out of a mystical force.

Many who have come to know her describe her eyes as piercing as glass, or as she sometimes enjoyed categorizing this feeling as stabbing icicles. Determined, even from birth, Iniara searched among the plants, weeds and growth for clues to her arrival. This determination and almost self-centered disposition has given her the name Ice Empress, among other key aspects of the forest that came later along in life. If she were to be compared to any other living creature in Rhul, she carried the thin agile body of a Daemenite including their color of skin, even though hers stood out as more of a sheer blue, and fetish for magic.

Living in Litor had its advantages of course, in contrast the Daemenites were persecuted in Emblem for using magic and the Daemen, but in the depths of Litor, Iniara could practice dark magic to her own pleasing. On the discovery of this innate power of hers, Iniara used it in her own best interest, thus determining it Dark magic.

It was a cool afternoon when Iniara discovered a small pebble that lie near a thin stream that ran past her original birth place. The pebble reflected the sunlight, or in actuality lack of, into her dark eyes in unusual patterns. There she visualized the complexity of crystals and felt the enchanting call of the magic within her. Holding out her hand, palm directly above the fractures stone, she willed the pebble to rise to her fingertips. At her will, the object moved and she turned her gasp to her eyes and believed. A breath of cool air escaped her lungs as it passed from her lips to the shiny object of her attraction.

A thin layer of condensation had remained on the pebble from its time by the stream and the breath of air froze it close to the stone. Layer upon layer of ice grew from her breath until it was almost too cold to her touch. The new object hardened and at her pleasing, she withdrew her hand and levitated the ice encased rock just a few inches from her fingertips before she lost her mental grip and the stone crashed into the hardened ground, fragmenting into millions of glittering, iced stone.

A wicked smile approached the corners of her ears as her officially awakening shaped her into a formidable opponent. Her birthright, the magic as she came to find as the Council of Bepthör shaped her motives and her dreams into the solitary confinement of the ice.

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