The day broke anew on Litor as Iniara rose from her chambers and took reign over her seat once again, as she did every morning. Cool torches stood silent next to her throne, enchanted by the essence of a frozen flame. Today she would council travelers that had mistakenly fallen into her domain.

Who is the first visitor, Im'os? Iniara called to her chief advisor.

A small imp arrived at the Empress' feet. He slumped over with a curved back and raised a voice that could be comparative to creaking floors. A woman from Hearth, Empress. The old man stepped up onto the panel and unwrapped a bounded scroll, Announcing, your visitor, Ad'cero Wordanvor! Today she will discuss the boundaries of Rhul and mystic forces that have broken these boundaries.


A few guards usher forth an old woman covered in shawls in a myriad of colors and fur types. Ad'cero bows in front of the mistress as she speaks in a deep voice, Good morning, Empress Iniara. I come from the north with much news that you will love to learn about.

Iniara smiled slightly, almost deviously, Please, Ad'cero, dear, tell me what I would like to know.

Ad'cero winced slightly, I would love to, your highness, but my bones are old and if you want to hear the end, prepare my body to be able to reach that far.

With a groan, the ice empress rolled her eyes and motioned for a guard, Bring the old maid a chair, make it nice for her to sit in for however long that may be. After a tedious task of finding a decent chair, after chair, after chair for the maid, Iniara exploded unrepentantly on the twenty-second attempt. She rose from her throne and towered over Ad'cero, Why must I be surrounded by incompetence! She motioned quickly to her staff, which channeled her inner glare, and held it pressed to the middle of her forehead.

I would pursue this no further, for I am sure that if you would fulfill your desire to eliminate me, you will never know of the Hirgyae Clan.

Iniara slowly dropped the staff a few inches, And why this Hirgyae Clan?

Once a year, a representative of this clan brings to the Bishen Realm a handful of their strongest eggs to adopt to other realms. This species of dragon withholds deep elemental powers inside their body and allows for a powerful mage, such as you, to unlock these innate abilities by training them to adhere to their destiny.

A small smile crept to the edges of the ice queen's lips, Perfect, Ad'cero. Now where shall I find this Bishen Realm?

A portal exists between the forest of the Bishen and Rhul only through the waterways of the North, I am afraid it exhibits a daring journey for even the most experienced adventurers.

No matter, Iniara waved the maid off, for I have never backed down from a challenge yet. Im'os, prepare my Kujiin carriage and order my chambermaids to arrange my belongings for travel. This time tomorrow we will set out of Litor, through Arube and hopefully make it north of Hearth by sunset the following day. There we shall rest and continue the trip across the Sadlan River to the nearest port on Nirka's Isthmus. With that, Iniara walked back to her throne. /q>Place Ad'cero in a bedroom, she will travel along with us and will be responsible for directions to this Bishen Realm. Iniara then turned to the haggard old woman, And let me direct this to you Ad'cero personally, if what you say is in truth, you will be rewarded. However, if I have found you in a lie, you will find yourself locked in a tower of ice just as any of the figures that display before you.

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