Dreams pelted the lady at night.

I can't believe it, a younger Iniara whispered silently, it finally worked. Her face, a much more colorful blue than it had been in later years, lit up as Iniara cradled a small blanket in her arms. So instruments to monitor her, this growth and breath, Iniara mumbled as she looked down at the blanket and moved closer to the rocking chair at the edge of the room.

She sat in silence.

A few candles decorated the tables and the flames danced in shadows on the room's walls. Iniara continued to whisper incoherently and upon closer inspection of the blanket, she found it to be empty. Stilled, the woman stood up and dropped the blanket to the ground in a blank stare before she opened her mouth slightly, then screamed with open terror. The blanket, now torn, lies alone on the floor.

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