Iniara grew quickly over the seasons. By her twelfth season, she had mastered her telepathy and freezing capabilities. Thus began her rule over Litor. Once described as having an insatiable appetite for her own acceptance, Iniara developed her own code for her magic and converted those lost to its powers. Her thirtieth season proved to be her most successful as she published her great works concerning Bepthör and when she developed the council.

An old fable of this time alludes to her own advisors as people she constructed out of clay by the stream's current and enchanted by her icy breath. Her cold hearth thereby covered by her many layers of furs left her followers ignorant to her self-centered ways. Iniara never stopped her craving for learning, whenever she heard of a language she never had spoken; she immediately demanded her advisors to seek out a teacher so that she may learn the tongue.

Although full of self-interests, Iniara gave shelter to many creatures of Litor in her ice. By this time of her forty-second season she began to capture the life of the plants in the everlasting gaze under the crystals of ice to forever incase their picture.

All but one plant life she left grow. The first tree she awoke to remain untouched by the icy glare and grew to form a canopy over the entire ice forest. Her domain stretched from the most southern tip of Rhul where the Phem Rvves pass crossed to the Arube forest. Her popularity grew among her minions and her intelligence rose from outstanding to unimaginable. But still, her thirst thickened.

The magwood tree lie in the middle of her domain and underneath sat a solid chair of ice where Iniara sat day after day overlooking her subjects, designing the Council of Bepthör and strengthening her undying army. She grew in height as well as her domination over the smaller gnomes and dryads of the forest and puny rodents she became accustomed to.

Day by day, her advisors were instructed to find storytellers to spread knowledge of Rhul to her so that she may learn of the other lands without actually moving from her chains of ice. This way, she might accomplish all that she ever wanted and all she wished to know.

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