Eidea'aug d'chrys


Ever since her birth, Eidea'col has taken after Iniara and shown right off who is in charge. While Iniara changes and grows into the life of a Daemenite, Eidea'col takes offense to Iniara's seemingly acceptance of the norm. Highly perceptive, Eidea'col absorbed Iniara's personality as her own when she was still inside her egg, and although her name might mean fiery girl, she exhibits the same protected trust that Iniara held before falling on the shores of Demintrix.

What Eidea'col enjoys most is when Iniara spends time with her hunting small animals. Of course, as Eidea'col grows larger, the rabbits and squirrels are not enough and humans become a better target. In Iniara's overwhelming sorrow, the need to move from Litor takes Iniara and Eidea'col away from the forest that they had grown accustomed to and leads them to the life they were meant to have on the island of ice, alone with each other.

She feels most alive after fighting a battle. She purposely goes out of her way, flying through the lands of Rhul, looking for a foe to fight. She trains this way and constantly looks for ways to improve her power. Her biggest fear is the day when there is no one else to fight.

Eidea'aug d'chrys
First Name: Eidea'col (fiery girl)
Second Name: Aug d'chrys (blade of the ice)
Full Name: Eidea'aug d'chrys (fiery blade of the ice)
ID: #hc04f
Sex: Female
Age: Shrape
Color: Red
Type: Terran-Arboreal (2 wings/2 back legs)
Clan: Hirgyae
Parents: Wild x Wild
Element: Molten Ice
Powers/Attacks: See below
Caretaker: Iniara
Previous Stages: Egg, Wyrm


(Unnammed) -- Eidea can grow to an enormous size to help her attack in battle against large foes. Iniara thinks she may have learned this from her encounter with Im'os and then practiced it on her own.

(Unnammed) -- The spikes on Eidea's back grow fiery hot and grow larger and sharper. When the spikes have grown large enough, they explode with a burst of energy, lose their heat immediately and form thick ice crystals all along the backside of her body which are very hard to break and act as a defense mechanism as well as a weapon.


At Christmas time at the Bishen Realm, when Eidea'col was still a wyrm, she received two small gifts from Indyana as well as a stocking full of candy.

Gold Bracelet Gold Wingclips