Derik is an interesting man. He is still quite young in the sense of a Daemenite and acts like it too. He finds Iniara on a beach one day and immediately recognizes her as an important person (her clothes give it away). He brings her back to his home where he lives with his mother to bring Iniara back to health.

Whenever she wakes up, she tells him her name and immediately he is reminded of a tale of a baby that was stolen by that same name. He tells her to go by the name of Nara while in Demintrix so that others would not catch on that this visitor from another clan was the fulfiller of the prophecy.

Throughout this time, Derik believes that Nara is a gift to him and naively thinks she will feel the same about him and that they will have a wonderful life.

He tricks her into marrying him in an ancient Daemenite marriage ceremony and tells her that they are bonded forever now. When all hell breaks lose in Demintrix later that night, she flees with Eidea'col and Ad'cero but left Derik behind. Compelled because of his bond to Iniara, he follows them all the way back to Litor.

Meaning: Light on the Sky
Gender: Male
Age: 51
Race: Daemenite
Parents: Merold & Unknown
Element: Unknown
Powers/Attacks: Unknown
Wife: Iniara
Base from: