Ice Breaks

So, what did you have in mind to speak about, Iniara? Do you actually think that I will let you adopt from me now after your display of disrespect? Tr'ynka Valae urged on Iniara.

Slightly embarrassed for sending Im'os and Ad'cero away, Iniara looked away wistfully from the intimidating Bishen with a sigh. How did you know about the Daemenites, Tr'ynka Valae?

Surprised that she did not retort with a harsh remark, Tr'ynka Valae drew closer to Iniara. How could I not know? I have traveled through many lands, even Rhul. I probably know more about you than you know about yourself.

Everything, Tr'ynka Valae? she lifted her head into Tr'ynka Valae's eyes, I discard people without an excuse and the only thing I had and wanted was taken away from me.

Why should I be plagued with your problems, Iniara? he scoffed at the mistress.

You of all creatures, her voice sharpened, should know. You, away from every other Bishen in this sanctuary, you, guarded by your own hatred for every other thing in this universe, you, she paused, You are caught just like me, but conversely to my ice you are fire.

She turned her head away, her mouth clenched tightly to hide her near whimpers lost inside of her throat. Tr'ynka Valae placed a claw on her right shoulder. I understand now... Iniara. he tightened his grip, I understand now, how weak you really are, and growled as he finished the sentence.

Enraged, Iniara's eyes flared a glittery blue and she motioned to her staff. In a swift movement, she removed Tr'ynka Valae's claw from her shoulder and pinned him against the wall of the cave. WEAK?! she screamed into his snout as the gem on her staff glowed to a near purple tint. Delirious, she continued to frantically hold Tr'ynka Valae, For all that you think you know, you should know I could blow your sorry carcass from here to the other end of the sanctuary, and possibly further!

Tr'ynka Valae sunk back and smirked, Finally... Iniara you have shown your real worth.


Confused, she took her staff away and the gem returned to its natural sky color. What? Is this all a game to you Tr'ynka Valae?

He stepped lightly to the back of his cave to a nest. Inside, a few eggs of dark color laid, each nestled next to each other by the fire. Choosing carefully, he picked a dark blue egg and brought it to Iniara. She shivered slightly as the great Bishel slid back to Iniara. An egg, he motioned the oval organism to Iniara, for you. This is Eidea'col, or in my ancient language fiery girl. He smirked again, A name fitting to your personality, possibly will melt your ice.

What? Ad'cero questioned while Im'os and she stood outside of the cave as night drew nearer to the sanctuary. I absolutely cannot see her caring for a simple rock let alone a near living creature!

The old imp turned away from Ad'cero and faced the dying sun dipping below the horizon. Iniara walked solemnly out of the cave and her head remained bent forward.

Time you came out of there Iniara! Ad'cero uncrossed her arms and walked forward to the retreating Iniara. Let's go before Aille knows what else comes out of the darkness! she began to near hysterics.

Wait, Im'os interrupted Ad'cero and stopped her from crawling down the side of the hill, what did you say to Tr'ynka Valae? Will he give you an egg?

Still without saying a word, Iniara sighed and reached into her pocket and pulled out the crumpled piece of fabric that had ripped on the branch earlier that day.

Oh Iniara! Im'os wept, Don't cry, you can always try next batch! and wrapped his arms around her waist, the furthest up he could reach.

Taken aback, Iniara removed Im'os from her torso and pulled a flap of the fabric over to reveal a dark blue egg with many black swirls. Im'os, I did get an egg you silly twit! She rolled her eyes, It is late, we should camp tonight and continue in the morning, and marched away from the cave. Ad'cero! Are you coming?! she belted as the amazed Ad'cero, shocked from the reality of Iniara actually receiving an egg, blinked a few times and rushed to follow Iniara and Im'os.

Admiring the shine of the Bishen egg, Iniara walked into her dimly lit tent, arranged the candles close to her sleep place and sat down. Alright, Eidea'col, you become strong now? I am never going to let you get taken away from me. We will have many adventures, practice magic together, oh, so much dear.

She set the egg in a little basket that she found lying around the Realm as she was leaving her tent earlier in the day. Leaning close to the candles, she blew each out silently and nestled under a few blankets.

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