Fallen lost her mother at a very early age and after this, her father was not very much caring for her. This event has spurred they way she relates to others and her constant look for a male companion, even at her young age.

This leads her into many of the beds of the local townfolk and running a secret life outside of her hometown girl image that she presents to the patrons that visit her father's market store.

The only thing that she has inherited from her mother was a pearl on a necklace. She got herself in trouble one day and found herself near the Sadlan River and lost it among the current. Heartbroken she searched desprately but instead found a strange rock. Looking closer, it was an egg.

When the egg hatched, a tiny, defensely wyrm sputtered out. She kept him secret, as she did many things and raised it by herself. She stopped visiting her male friends and instead tried to find other things to do with her time.

Unfortunately, one of her male friends was very upset with this decision and tracked her down...

Through many trials, she grew into a woman with Esmerl by her side. The quirky couple are spiteful and egotistical, but they get along very well and look out for each other.

Sex: Female
Age: 17 years
Race: Hyyat
Hair: Light Brown/Blond
Eyes: Gray
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 100lbs
Element: Water
Powers/Attacks: None
Bonded: Esmerl