Esmerl found his way into Rhul and somehow into the Sadlan River, lucky for him, a young Hyyat found him and rescued his egg.

She took great care of him and he owed his life to her. Whenever one of her past suitors came after her and kidnapped her, Esmerl fought his way to her and rescued her from a brutal beating.

Out of breath and mortified by the damage he had done, Esmerl took Fallen far away from her life and lived further out by the sea.

In order to make peace with their lives, Esmerl and Fallen returned to her hometown and to the place where she found Esmerl's little egg. Out of the corner of his eyes, Esmerl spotted a glimmering white in the water. He quickly swam and returned to the surface with it. In his mouth he carried Fallen's lost pearl.

She declared to him that she no longer needed this symbol of care, she had that with Esmerl, and placed the necklace around his neck for him to keep and protect.

ID: #mc65m
Gender: Male
Age: Shrape
Color: Blue
Type: Marine
Clan: Machesri
Parents: Wild x Wild
Breath Weapon: N/A
Magical Object: N/A
Mate: N/A
Bondmate: Fallen
Previous Stages: Egg, Wyrm