Chapter 1

She watched the little hand on the clock next to the bedside with each minute, hoping it would go by faster. With each breath and with each empty word her heart became disappointed, but still longed for something more. She was empty.

Fallen kept going. That is how she always performed. Maybe she would do well next time and find one she really wanted to keep, or one that really wanted to keep her for always, that was what she was trying to accomplish, even through all this.

Maybe it was for the wrong reasons, or maybe it was right. She had forgotten what her reasons were anymore. She just wanted to feel good, to feel loved. Isn’t that what everyone wants? She at least thought she knew where she’d get it.

The man in her bed faced her and tied his thick fingers around her necklace and admired the one pearl that fell so carelessly down the chain. “What a pretty necklace, Fallen, who did you get it from?”

“I inherited it from my mother,” she replied, looking off into the distance forlornly.

The man snickered, “I wonder what your mother would think of you now.”

Fallen turned to the man, looking him straight in the eye, “Why, Mr. Corin, I wonder what your wife would think of you now.”

Her head fell to the bed sheets with a quick slap from Mr. Corin's hand.

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