In a strange twist of fate, Raltine's egg ended up in Rhul and soon in the hands of a recently discharged soldier of the Mx'tiador'ol army.

Raltine is very confused with this new world, not being what he expected to find when he was released from his egg.

He eventually finds his way back into Sendiora territory only to be greated by angry dragons that hold him as a tyrant for bringing danger into their woods from the land of Rhul, who had followed him through the portal.

The humans begin to attack the Sendioras, who were not expecting the great battle, for their desirable white horns and gleaming white skins.

Before all this, Raltine was inable to really connect and understand his bondmate and was unable to accept his fate in Rhul. He finally comes to understand Menshin when they are both thrown out of their clans and finds a kinship with him and Jurrah.

ID: #pc02m
Sex: Male
Age: Shrape
Type: Terran, (1 Horn)
Clan: Sendiora
Parents: Wild x Wild
Breath Weapon: Crystal Mist --
Magical Object: Sendiora Shard --
Bondmate: Menshin
Mate: Unable to breed
Previous Stages: Egg, Wyrm