Menshin lived his life within the Kingdom's walls, only eating the best food, taken care of by the loveliest women and experiencing the worst of wars this time period has ever seen.

Some say the battle has made him crazy, and to some extent he believes the same. One day, the king gives him a quest to go out and search on his own in a kind of reconnaissance and he takes along some workers to help him.

On his journey, he finds the White Hill. A safe haven from battles because of its mysterious legend. For whatever reason, the whitehill contains the most perfect white flowers and a tall white tree in the middle of nowhere and it keeps growing in this condition. There, a white egg is found on the hillside.

From this point, Menshin discovers a new world that exists in a tear in the fabric between Rhul an another land cald Sendoria. He travels there and is greeted by strange dragons that guard the land. Inside, the land is perfectly white and pristine. All along, not letting any of the dragons know he had found one of their eggs.

He travels back to Rhul and tells his workers about this new land. They don't believe him and bring him back to the king. They put him into seclusion and during this time, his egg hatches and Raltine is born.

Through this, the world believes Menshin has grown crazy. But menshin knows better, he plans to escape with Raltine and live in Sendoria with him and the other dragons.

Sex: Male
Age: 23 years
Race: Human
Lineage: Unknown
Hair: Sandy Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5'10.5"
Weight: 185lbs
Powers/Attacks: None
Person(s) of Interest: Izabelle
Base from: