Have you ever noticed that in between sleep and reality there lies a completely different world in which you can exist? It lasts a breif moment in our minds before our brains close our eyes from receiving images from sight. But still things remain to be seen, whether from our eyes or by other means. Does this mean they do not exist if they cannot be seen, or are they merely another from of communication between the world and our own brains?

In a world that depends so heavily on seeing what we believe, many people avoid their own feelings to fit a mold, whether they consider themselves "open-minded", but even these "open-minded" persons fail to realize that choosing their own ways and expecting others to follow them, even demanding this, have now entered their own realm of hypocracy in forcing their beliefs on others. Are they truly, indeed, open-minded then?

Many times, we are left searching for the connection between what we feel and what we believe to be right by reason. This notion of finding that connection is what keeps us wandering...

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