Name ID Gender Rank Lineage Owner
Aurorani cy071f Female Alpha Kenkjuiko x Mystiqueen Bright Promise
Claret cy082m Male Member Gailean x Eristraza Bright Promise
Is'aleo cy078m Male Alpha Wild x Wild Bright Promise
Periberry cy064f Female Member Jiihumey x Unraiah Bright Promise
Rhythm cy034f Female Secondary Wild x Wild Bright Promise
Spectrum Beam cy031m Male Secondary Wild x Wild Bright Promise
Sprite cy122m Male Member Jyunillekjui x Hujiifa Bright Promise


Name ID Gender Lineage Owner
Meeshym cy160m Male Claret x Rhythm Katelynn
Sara cy161f Female Is'aleo x Rhythm pyrobat6
Deyquhal cy162m Male Claret x Periberry Rheall
Touki cy163f Female Claret x Rhythm LilJoy
Rhythis cy164m Male Is'aleo x Rhythm IceCat
Frosted BlueStreak cy165f Female Is'aleo x Rhythm Moonsun Mystere
Undar cy166m Male Claret x Periberry Rheall
Phantasy's Dream cy167f Female Spectrum Beam x Rhythm Sailor Mercury
Darius cy168m Male Is'aleo x Rhythm Teva1313
Tineq cy169f Female Claret x Rhythm Niomi
Oiru cy170m Male Is'aleo x Rhythm Reptile Girl
Sperry cy171f Female Sprite x Periberry Luna Rainbow
Night Regime cy172m Male Claret x Rhythm Sailor Mercury
Sheva cy173f Female Sprite x Aurorani Gryphi
Frost cy174m Male Sprite x Periberry Lady Crow
Vanilla cy175f Female Claret x Aurorani Sharon
Flajjen cy176m Male Is'aleo x Rhythm Lorus
Starburst cy177f Female Spectrum Beam x Rhythm Laura

Reserved Breedings

Clamor of Rainbow Skies is an open clamor, meaning you do not need to ask permission to sign up for a breeding from this clamor. However, we do ask that you notify us if you decide to foster a bunny from us so that we may keep our records up to date.


If you have a Cyen interested in joining the clamor, please e-mail Bright Promise at with the following information:

Cyen's Name:
Cyen's ID#:
Cyen's URL:
Owner's Name:
Owner's E-mail:


The Land of Rhul

If you came from an outside website, you can find the main website here.