This page describes all of the ranks within the Tribe of Swirling Magic as well as which positions are still open. This list is not inclusive, if you'd like to join but don't feel that your Eorlan fits any of these positions, you are welcome to create a new rank.

Open Positions

Below are positions we would like to see in our Tribe.

Rank Descriptions

Battle Master: The Battle Master is the chief Eorlan in charge of setting up events for battles and is knowledgable in how to makethe Tribe stronger in battle. The Battle Master has also won their title by battling the strongest of the Tribe. The title goes up for grabs every year at a tournament between the strongest adults of the Tribe.

Defender: Eorlan strong in defense should be assigned to Defender rank. Their purpose is to go out and fight those who wish to do the Tribe harm. They are alert and always watchful.

Gatherer: Gatherers scavenge the Tribe lands and pick berries, leaves and other plants to bring back to the Tribe so that Healers or Mystics may use their properties for healing or magic and regular Tribe folk for eating.

Guardian: Guardians constantly look out for the well-being of those in the Tribe in an non-offensive way. They are parent-like figures in the Tribe and are especially fond of puppies.

Healer: Healers are skilled in caring for those sick or weak. The Healer of the Tribe should we well equipped to handle the simplest scratch to the most frightful blows.

Hunter: Hunters search the area surrounding the Tribe for smaller prey and are in charge of bringing it back to the Tribe so that it ma be shared with everyone.

Initiation Master: This Eorlan is in charge of coordinating the joining of new members to the Tribe. Their primary goal is to get the strongest in both battle and magic to join the Tribe. They are also in charge of setting up new battles for those wishing to join.

Leader: The Leader is the Eorlan who runs the entire operation. Their word is law and their primary motive is to ensure the happiness and prosperity of the Tribe.

Mystic: The Mages of the Tribe are those powerful in magic. They are close advisors to the Leader and should be powerful in protecting as well as defending the Tribe.

Protector: This position goes to the strongest of the Eorlan within the Tribe, it can be added on to any of the other mentioned jobs. Their duty is to be the one in charge of protecting the Tribe as works with the Defenders, Scouts, and Guardians to accomplish this.

Quest Planner: The Quest Planner is an advisor to the Leader who comes up with wonderful ideas for members of the Tribe to participate in. They should be outgoing and find new and interesting places to visit.

Record Keeper: The Record Keeper is organized and well mannered. They should keep track of new members to the Tribe as well as keep close tabs on the amount of food available and the happenings around the Tribe area.

Scout: Scouts can both reside in the air, land or sea. They should be well equipped to scour the land and keep the Leader up to date with things going on in the Land.

Show Master: The Show Master is in charge of preparing Eorlan to participate in shows. They should be well groomed, sophisticated and refined.

Treasure Hunter: Eorlan named Treasure Hunters are always looking for adventure. They are very close to the Quest Planner and are usually the ones who attend new quests.


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