Welcome to the Tribe of Swirling Magic

A dark path leads you to a gathering of Eorlan. In the middle, an adult female lifts her glowing head to you as you approach.

"Welcome," she chimes. Her voice is light and calm, but has a serious and leadership tone. "Gathered here is the Eorlan Tribe of Swirling Magic." The horn on her head, where her silver light emits, pulsates as starlight energy swirls around the horn's core.

A second eorlan sits next to the female. "Adonia is our leader, she was the first and knows most the ins and outs of the eorlan world." The male's icy breath fades into the darkness, however not without hitting your face with coldness stinging your cheek.

Adonia continues, "Garret and I would like to build a strong force of eorlan to battle and breed fine pups. Any eorlan are welcome to join, if they are willing enough." She points her snout along the others in her company. "We have a fine starting so far, why don't you meet with them first?"

Member News

(08/04/05) -- Welcome to our new members, Motoki Luminospirit and Nonukai! :) Keep thinking about those ranks! ;)

(04/11/05) -- New Layout! We are also asking that current members of the Tribe decide upon a rank ASAP.

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