Information About Joining

  1. Puppies, Pups and Adults are welcome into the Tribe.
  2. Trainers can submit as many Eorlan as they'd like into the Tribe of Swirling Magic.
  3. Eorlan may join the tribe at any time, you do not need to wait for a meeting or a special event!
  4. Please have the Eorlan you want to submit properly updated and following all rules.
  5. We ask that if your Eorlan is a Pup or an Adult to battle one of our members, for the experience as well as introducing yourself.
  6. Your Eorlan should have some sort of desire to learn magic or finds it sacred.

Initiation Information

Are you interested in joining? First of all, you need to be skillful and have respect. Not only in others of the tribe, but yourself as well. In order to prove yourself tough, you must fight one of our Tribe members in the Battlefield. Only then will we consider your acceptance.

If you are an adult eorlan, you must fight Garret or Eiethe. If you are a pup, you may ask either Sandrine or Nikita for a battle. To request a battle to be considered for membership, please contact Bright Promise, she will help schedule a time for the battle.

After that, you will hear from us in a few days (I say a few because Bright Promise will contact you and sometimes she gets busy coordinating events).


To join the Tribe, please fill out the following form FOR EACH EORLAN that would like to join. If you are a puppy and cannot battle, you can disregard the "Request a Battle with" question.

Trainer's Name:
Request a Battle with: (Garret, Eiethe, Sandrine, Nikita?)
Do you regularly battle at the battlefield?:
Desired Rank for Eorlan:

Remember to send this information to Bright Promise. She will take care of any correspondence with your trainer. We are looking forward to your submission!

When you are accepted into the Tribe of Swirling Magic, you will get this nifty symbol added to you:

Tribe of Swirling Magic Icon

Please make sure to link us back with this button on your page whenever you are accepted, we want to spread the word of our tribe. :)

Link to the Tribe of Swirling Magic


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Page Last Modified on March 12 2012