Bliss of the Metallic Pastelshade Fairytales


Name ID Gender Mate Rank Lineage Owner
Bliss lev-ed02bfly3f Female   Alpha   Bright Promise
Ceartai lev-east02-spring-3f Female Dulmei Member   Bright Promise
Cer'en lev-eastbr-11 Female   Member Ceartai of the Sunny-Green Springflies x Dulmei of the Rainbow Shaded Butterflies Bright Promise
Dulmei lev-val02-bfly-m1 Male Ceartai Member   Bright Promise
Goku lev-east02-comic-5m Male   Member   Bright Promise
Inspiration lev-val02-prize1 Female   Member   Bright Promise
Jaya lev-val02-bfly-f2 Female   Member   Bright Promise
Maiden Johanna lev-ed02warr3f Female   Member   Bright Promise
Nasine lev-eastbr-10 Female   Member Natasha of the Evil Easter Eggs x Valier of the Iceblue Toth Tarots Bright Promise
Rama lev7-val02-5 Male   Member Aquila X Petir R'jo Bright Promise


Name ID Gender Lineage Owner
Cer'en lev-eastbr-11 Female Ceartai x Dulmei Bright Promise


Levys of the Heavenly Glade Sprites Certificate

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