Ceyrser's Egg PictureThe winds pick up an icy chill as you walk to a further edge of the Eldora Mountains. Cold air has swept across your face and burns it to the core. Shivering, you duck down and follow the sunlight under a small ledge that blocks the wind.

The sun slightly warms you, at least much more than the evil wind did. You take the time to stare up into the sky, soaking the sun in and dreaming about loved ones back home...

Leaning back to relax, you feel a strange bump keeping you from resting comfortably. You look behind you, and there sitting in a make-shift little nest of fur sits a grey egg.

"Hmmm..." you wonder, "I wish I knew what kind of egg this was," for you have yet to see one in this world of its kind.

The grey egg's shell glitters as you move away from it and the sun shines it's heavenly beams upon it.

"I can only guess what grows inside it..." you say as you tilt your head slightly, trying once again to determine the species of dragon that the egg may hatch. A smile widens on your face and you let the egg be as you turn around and move on, slightly warmer than before.

* * *

After a few days wandering through Eldora again, you come apon nest again. The egg is no longer there! You search around the fur nest but still, you can't find it...

"I hope no monster has stolen the egg... I really wanted to see what hatched out of it!"

You sit down next to the nest and see a few broken piece of a grey shell... maybe it hatched after all! You look further and dig around in the nest a bit and see a small greyish snake like thing asleep burrowed underneath the nest.

"Is this it? You couldn't have eaten that big of an egg, so you must have been the one to hatch from it!"

Ceyrser's Baby PictureYou pick up the little grey creature, waking it up of course and hold it in your palm. The baby starts to wriggle around a little bit, but mostly stays put while making a few high pitched calls in your direction.

"What a lively fellow..."

You place the baby back in the nest and cover it up with the fur.

"I wonder if I should stay to watch this baby grow..."

You look through your traveling pack and realize that you haven't much food left.

"Doh, I should have picked some berries when I had the chance..."

You leave the nest hoping to come back another day to see it grown.

* * *

You take the northern route around Eldora and visit a few more places with interesting animals, yet remember about the little creature that you burried back in that nest... You travel southward again hoping to find that nest again, and this time you have pleanty enough food to wait out the growing stage. ^_~

You come upon that small ledge again, expecting to see a small nest, but this time you see a large, platinum colored dragon sleeping inside!


"Aww... where did the little baby go?"

Finally realizing that THIS must be that little baby, you creep up next to the dragon and sit next to it. The animal lifts its head and sees you... automatically she wraps her tail around your body tightly.

"Oh mother! Where have you been??"


"Mommy... you left me in the nest and went away!" ;.;

"I am not your mother..."

"You aren't? But you spent so much time with me! Who else would sit by my nest and wait for me to come out?"

You think for a minute and deduce that you have been a sort of 'mother' figure...

"I am not your biological mother, but yes, I waited to see you come out of your egg, and grow up." ^_^

"I can't believe you left, I don't even have a name..."

"Aww, poor little dragon... how about I give you a name?"

She pouts for a second, "I am not little anymore, mommy. I am a full grown flion!"

"Oh, so that's what you are... Well, we need to give you a strong name... how about Ceyrser?"

"Ceyrser... I like it. ^_^ What does it mean?"

"I heard a Hearthian use it once, they said it meant strength in friendship."

"Am I your friend...?"

"Yes, Ceyrser, you are very special to me."


Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Wings: Dragon
Tail: Hooked
Horns: 2; brow
Spikes: none
Fur: none
Markings: Royal Swirl
Coloration: Platinum + mist
Legs: none
Eyes: green
Other: dark colored horns (unusual)

The End

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