"He can Soul-read, and can teleport at will thanks to a Magic Amulet which has merged with him. His wings are fully flight-capable. The jewels on his body are part of his skeletal system, and thus cannot be removed. They can be cracked, but it takes a lot of strength behind a physical blow to do such a thing."


Destiny's Fate: Ability to freeze time for as long as the user desires.

Touch of Fate: Ability to freeze the target in time by means of touch. The target will basically be frozen in place, and won't be able to move until the user desires them to be unfrozen.


Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Type: Fate
Mate: Anki
Offspring: Azurite
Pride: Pride of the North Wind
Dimension: Inner
Deity: Orcle
Raveen Kats © GryphonIce


Flicken (Stiches in German)
Gender: Male
Element: Disturbed
Ability: Can poison a target via touch. Poison will paralyze the part of the body/muscle the Mimic touches for up to 5 minutes.
Notes: Disturbed Mimics are very much like Disturbed Kats in both personality and looks. They love pain.


Eis (Ice in German)
Gender: Female
Element: Blue Fire
Ability: Can send a mini-wave of blue fire at a target. Will cover target in a very thin layer of ice.

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