"He is not a nice Kat at all ^^; He'd rather cause pain to some beast then sit around chatting. He has a gold hilted dagger thrusted through his neck (you can see the blade in the pic), and a broken arrow thrusted through his left back leg. All of his claws are twisted and extremely sharp. His entire body is stitched together, but cannot be pulled apart. He is immune to all instant kill abilities and paralyzing abilities. He enjoys pain, so it really doesn't bother him. His tail is more reptillian then feline, and a slight mutation. He has vampire fangs, but is not a vampire. Both of his eyes are dark red and do not reflect light."

He has been killed once by Zoratsuu


Disturbing The Peace: Instantly kills target.


Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Type: Halloween - Disturbed
Mate: Onraa'Glike
Offspring: Itami & Syfaena
Pride: Pride of the Blood Moon
Dimension: Inner
Deity: Orcle
Raveen Kats © GryphonIce

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