Mim and Suim


Soiph and Binebi


Rainbow Sprite "Rain" & Born of the Sun "Rameses"


Reritu & Echangshy



Name ID Gender Mate Role Lineage Owner
Aleano lp50-04 Male N/A Elemental Wild x Wild Bright Promise
Binebi lp41-04 Female Soiph Seer Wild x Wild Bright Promise
Echangshy lp44-03 Male N/A Gatherer Wild x Wild Bright Promise
Mim lp10-05 Male Suim Alpha Male Wild x Wild Bright Promise
Rain lp03-04 Female Rameses Hunter Wild x Wild Bright Promise
Rameses lp25-07 Male Rain Record Keeper Wild x Wild Bright Promise
Reritu lp46-02 Female N/A Hunter Rain x Rameses Bright Promise
Soiph lp17-05 Male Benebi Healer Puli x Zennie Bright Promise
Suim lp16-05 Female Mim Alpha Female Sue x Popi Bright Promise


Name ID Gender Lineage Owner
Reritu lp46-02 Female Rain x Rameses Bright Promise


Rain & Rameses' Marriage Certificate Suim & Mim's Marriage Certificate

Binebi & Soiph's Marriage Certificate Lepaori Mailinglist Member

Reserved Breedings

Sadlan River Shoal is an open shoal, meaning you do not need to ask permission to sign up for a breeding from this shoal. However, we do ask that you notify us if you decide to foster a foal from us so that we may keep our records up to date.


If you have a Lepaori interested in joining the ring, please e-mail Bright Promise at brightpromiseNOSPAM@mintkiss.net with the following information:

Lepaori's Name:
Lepaori's ID#:
Lepaori's Lineage:
Lepaori's URL:
Owner's Name:
Owner's E-mail:


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