Rustic's Evening Shadows


Name ID Rank Lineage Owner
Rustic's Evening Shadows ru7m Lead Stallion Wild x Wild Bright Promise
*Forest's Darkening Shadows ru14m Second Stallion Wild x Wild JadeEye
Snowflake's Dancing Descent ru22f Lead Mare Wild x Wild Bright Promise
*Sunset's Fading Shimmer ru9f Second Mare Wild x Wild JadeEye
Spring's Blazing Call ru13f Third Mare Wild x Wild Janalee
Dessert's Apple Fig ru48f Fourth Mare Wild x Wild Bright Promise


Name ID Gender Lineage Owner

Reserved Breedings

Ring of Faded Memories is an open ring, meaning you do not need to ask permission to sign up for a breeding from this ring EXCEPT if someone has a * by their name, they need permission first from the keeper. We do ask that you notify us if you decide to foster a foal from us so that we may keep our records up to date.


If you have a Runi interested in joining the ring, please e-mail Bright Promise at with the following information:

Runi's Name:
Runi's ID#:
Runi's Lineage:
Runi's URL:
Owner's Name:
Owner's E-mail:


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