MeetruzAqua BulbAlert


Meetruz, Aqua Bulb, & Alert
ID: 24m, 25f, 26f
Gender: Male, Female, Female
Preferred Habitat: Anywhere with its owner
Personality: Unintelligent, but friendly
Species: Minikin
Notes: Tiny dragons(8-9 inches long) with full flight capibilities. They eat mostly berries and insects, but never object to a bit of candy or meat. Because of their small size, minikin dragons are usually sold in threes, and breeding trios at that. These tiny creatures aren't very intelligent, but recognize their owner as a source of food, comefort, and protection, almost like a dog. They frequently perch on their owner's shoulders, arms, or even head and when traind properly, can be taught to deliver messages. No one knows what the little bob on their head is for, but it sure is cute ^_^; As the number of captive minikins increases, owners try to breed for designer colors when they can, though clutches are few and far between.
Price: 70gp
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