"Welcome to the Den of Alsan's Trees!" a little voice calls. "We were the first registered den and we are run by Bright Promise of Hearth." Looking around, you see a red female swishing her long, silky tail back and forth. "Were you interested in joining us? Maybe your owner wanted to foster from us?"


Name ID Gender Rank Lineage Owner
Chae'aer ch002f Female Alpha Wild x Wild Bright Promise
Chae'bear ch003f Female Secondary Wild x Wild Bright Promise
Chae'cherri ch001f Female Member Wild x Wild Bright Promise
Chae'delta ch005m Male Alpha Wild x Wild Bright Promise


Our den prefix is 'Chae', that means any kits born from our den will have the prefix 'Chae' added to their name.

Name ID Gender Lineage Owner
'Aihara ch24f Female Chae'delta x Chae'aer Rheall
'Angelos ch25m Male Chae'delta x Chae'cherri Reptile Girl
Kura'aurora ch26f Female Chae'delta x Chae'bear Laura
'Asalsoz ch27f Female Chae'delta x Chae'bear Moonsun Mystere
'Alutae ch28f Female Chae'delta x Chae'aer Quis
'Aria ch29f Female Chae'delta x Chae'aer Seirra
'Angel ch30m Male Chae'delta x Chae'cherri Ninachow
'Lynn ch31f Female Chae'delta x Chae'cherri Renate
'Ariana ch32f Female Chae'delta x Chae'cherri Teva1313
Kura'Ayara ch33f Female Chae'delta x Chae'bear Lorus
'Anja ch34f Female Chae'delta x Chae'bear Teva1313

Reserved Breedings

Den of Alsan's Trees is an open den, meaning you do not need to ask permission to sign up for a breeding from this den. However, we do ask that you notify us if you decide to foster a kit from us so that we may keep our records up to date.


If you have a female interested in joining the den, please e-mail Bright Promise at with the following information:

Chaetrill's Name:
Chaetrill's ID#:
Chaetrill's URL:
Owner's Name:
Owner's E-mail:


The Land of Rhul

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