Nai's Glory


ID#: ng025m
Name: Yoshiaki
Charm of Nai's Glory
Autumn Male, Orange Eyes
Stage 1.0

Life Points: 115

Strength: 35
Speed: 35
Intelligence: 40
Cunning: 38
Defense: 35

Bellow -- lowers opponent's Defense by 10% of original value each time used
Gnaw -- 30 Damage

Owner: Bright Promise
Drawn: 07/29/04
Notes: The original trainer was found to be impersonating a new trainer and thus lost privilege to train this young fellow.


Mmm... yes. I don't like these things, really. You should really ask me in person what I am like. But I'll tell you a few things, just to keep you guessing.

My name is Yoshiaki. I like the cold wind, autumn and sadness. Seems kind of contradicting, no? To like sad. How come no one understands me? NO ONE DOES!


*quiet again* But really, I get over it. I find solice in myself and stay outside most of the time, enjoying the night sky and spirits in the air.