Tyr's Fury


ID#: tf018f
Name: Radinka
Pride Of Tyr's Fury
Gold Female with Charcoal and Rust Markings, Blood Eyes
Silver Claw, Silver Face Plate
Stage 1.1
Additions: Claws, Face Plate, Swipe Attack

Life Points: 110

Strength: 30
Speed: 40
Intelligence: 30
Cunning: 35
Defense: 38 (Base: 30 + 25% From Face Plate)

Hiss -- lowers opponent's Defense by 10% of original value each time used
Snap -- 30 Damage
Swipe -- 40 Damage (augmented by Claws)

Owner: Bright Promise
Redrawn: 02/23/05


Yay! Radinka loves to talk about herself ^_^ Hi, Radinka says hello! Radinka likes to spend all day out in the sun, with the warm plants and stuff. Yes, pretty grass. *looks over to ground* OO! A lady bug! NEATO!

*looks back* Oh yeah, sorry. Um, Radinka likes happiness and flowers and green stuff. That is all prettyness. Radinka likes Nericcia and Jyanthi too, Radinka's best friends!

Radinka also has older Sister, Ra'morri. She is the bestest sister Radinka could want! *love*

Plans for Radinka