Eorl's HonorTribe of Swirling Magic


ID#: eh44m
Name: Nikita
Clan of Eorl's Honor
Tribe of Swirling Magic
Green male with brown stripes, brown eyes
Fire Elemental
Stage 1.2

Life Points: 155

Strength: 50
Speed: 50
Intelligence: 50
Cunning: 50
Defense: 59 (Base: 45 + 30% from Back Spikes)

Growl -- lowers opponent's Defense by 10% of original value each time used
Nip -- 30 Damage

Fire Attacks:
Cinder Tornado -- 40 Damage
Fire Breath -- 50 Damage

Owner: Bright Promise
Redrawn: 05/30/03


*blink* ... >_> ... <_< ... FIRE!

*coughs with a puff of smoke* No! BP I swear I haven't been smoking again! *looks around* Ok, see, I have to do this thing that if I see something cool... I have to light it on fire. 'Cause, you know... it is cool like that.

*looks around* Umm... I like to run around with fire. And set things on fire. BP says she can't let me in the forest anymore because I am an idiot around wood. Pshh, whatever that means!

The best person to hang around with here is probably Sandrine or Konati. Konati can get weird at time, we use to hang out a lot as pups but he prefers to be up in the air these days *rolls eyes*. Sandine is cool, althought she is a girl, but I always like battling her, even if I lose most of the time.



ID#: h02
Name: Fergal
Gender: Male
Species: Hayaku
Color: Molten Silver and Gold
Price: 15q
Owner: Nikita
From: Amaryllis