Eorl's Pride Tribe of Swirling Magic


ID#: ep048f
Name: Nericcia
Clan of Eorl's Pride
Tribe of Swirling Magic
Starlight female, purple eyes
Blue Stockings, Steel Wrist Blades
Steel Elemental
Stage 1.3

Life Points: 135

Strength: 50
Speed: 40
Intelligence: 45
Cunning: 43
Defense: 44 (Base: 40 + 10% from Steel Neck Fin)

Growl -- lowers opponent's Defense by 10% of original value each time used
Nip -- 30 Damage
Illusion -- on turn of use, user asks opponent to pick heads or tails, then flips coin. If the opponent chooses correctly, nothing happens, but if the opponent is wrong, their Eorlan's next attack misses.

Steel Attacks:
Metal Slash -- 40 Damage

Owner: Bright Promise
Redrawn: 12/14/04
Notes: Steel Wrist Blades allow Nericcia to use Slash if she would happen to buy/find the attack.


Oh, how do I work this thing?? Ugh, well alright... hi there! ^.^ I am Nericcia and I am the Steel Elemental of the group here at Rhul! I love to be out in the sunshine and run around and play all day! Plus, I have a cape! ZOOM! I will be a super-hero yet! And get this, I got it all from my bestest friend, Adonia! She came home from a quest one day and said, "Here Nericcia, you are so sweet and kind and fun and great and wonderful so have this cape!" Ok, well maybe the conversation didn't go really like that, but it was close!

My other bestest friend, Konati says he is going to teach me how to fly. I don't know how though! I mean, well of course I don't know how to fly, but I don't know how he is going to teach me, c'mon! I don't have any wings. But maybe my cape will become magically enchanted and then I can zoom around and leave little sparkles when I fly over someone's head! ZOOM!

My time is up? What? No, not yet, BP! Let me add one more thing! I am always looking for more friends! So please come and visit me sometime! I like bestest friends!!