Diar's Wrath


ID#: dw0028f
Name: Moohte
Pack of Diar's Wrath
Green Female with Purple Cow Markings, Purple Eyes
Moothe Diardan, Claws, Back Plates, Bunny Ears, Longer Tail, Nail
Additions: Nose Horn, Tail Spines, Skull and Crossbones Marking, Menace
Stage 1.1

Life Points: 105
Strength: 35
Speed: 30
Intelligence: 35
Cunning: 33
Defense: 50 (Base 40 + 25% from Back Plates)

Yell -- lowers opponent's Defense by 10% of original stat each time used
Lunge -- 30 Damage
Nail -- 40 Damage
Menace -- takes 10 Damage away from your opponent's next damaging attack; may only be used 3x per battle

Owner: Bright Promise
Redrawn: 04/11/05



Plans for Moohte