Eorl's Pride Tribe of Swirling Magic


ID#: ep022f
Name: Mirab
Clan of Eorl's Pride
Tribe of Swirling Magic
Blue female, blue eyes
Lighter Points
Seaweed Back Fins, Sabre Fangs, Claws, Gills
Water Elemental
Stage 1.2
Additions: Element of Water

Life Points: 140

Strength: 45
Speed: 40
Intelligence: 40
Cunning: 40
Defense: 66 (Base: 55 + 10% from Seaweed Back Fins + 10% Leg Fins)

Growl -- lowers opponent's Defense by 10% of original value each time used
Nip -- 40 Damage (augmented by Sabre Fangs)
Scratch -- 40 Damage (augmented by Claws)

Water Attacks:
Big Splash -- 40 Damage

Owner: Bright Promise
Redrawn: 09/26/04


Hey everyone reading this, my name is Mirab. I am an older Eorlan than has been in Rhul for a while, still haven't grown up yet, which isn't a problem really. Being a pup still, you can weasel out of everything! *snickers at Bright Promise* If I were an adult, I wouldn't have nearly the kind of influence as I do now. Like Garret? He tries to get away with the dumbest things! Bright Promise pulls out the lecture and always says, "Garret! You should know better! You're an ADULT for cryin' out loud!" Ha-ha!

Besides my pup-ness, I am a Water elemental and loving it. I can't wait to learn all those attacks out there for me to use!