Iern's Spirit


ID#: is003m
Name: Felix
Warren of Iern's Spirit
'Silk' (special Iern's Spirit Colouration) Male with Red Markings, Blue Eyes
Stage 1.0

Life Points: 110

Strength: 35
Speed: 35
Intelligence: 35
Cunning: 35
Defense: 40

Shriek -- lowers opponent's defense by 10% of original value each time used
Snap -- 30 Damage

Owner: Bright Promise
Drawn: 08/01/04
Starter Iernatai


Wow, I get to talk about myself here? Ha! Get a load of this Iern!

Well, I came here not too long ago to Rhul and I am the first Iernati in the land, which I guess is something to be proud of, or envied... maybe... if there were other Iernati here to look up to me, but since there isn't, I will have to look for lesser beings to adorn me. *looks over at rock* Hello rock, care to join me? err...

Anyway, I love good luck charms, but the hundreds. I swear, some of the things I've picked up along my travels are incredibly rare and lucky so don't touch! They are mine and you will never find them... *thinks* I also hope Bright Promise doesn't find them, she might make me give them back...

Err, off topic again. I plan to make a super huge good luck charm one day, collecting only the best materials for my creation, that will lead me to the elusive... "Pot 'o Gold" I've heard in many a' tales... Yes...

And for the young females out there: I enjoy romps in the desert sand, a cool breeze and lovely company.