Ajeya Plushie

Nai's Glory


ID#: ng000f
Name: Ajeya
Charm of Nai's Glory
White female with purple markings, bronze eyes
Fangs, Silver Rings
Glory Element
Stage 2.0
Additions: Tail Mutation, Hair Mutations, Glorious Battle Attack

Life Points: 180

Strength: 65
Speed: 70
Intelligence: 55
Cunning: 63
Defense: 60

Bellow -- lowers opponent's Defense by 10% of original value each time used
Gnaw -- 40 Damage (Augmented by Fangs)

Glory Attacks:
Dignity in Glory -- 40 Damage
Glorious Battle -- 50 Damage; opponent's next attack only does half damage; must wait 2 turns before using this attack again; may only be used 3x per battle

Owner: Bright Promise
Redrawn: 05/30/04


Umm, what can I say about myself other than I am cute Naisuk with fantastic jewelry sense and a wonderful personality? :D

My best friend here in Rhul would have to be Tabia, we just share so many interests, like boys, jewelry, style, colors and outlook on life! All the other girls around here are too concerned with training and really should lighten up a little, battling isn't always about beating yourself to death! You should look back and congratulate yourself for a job well done, fix what needs to be fixed and try again.

I am really looking forward to maybe getting an ear mutation to make my ears bigger. After a met a Cyen not too long ago, it really fell in love with their elegance and swiftness. I wouldn't mind having one of their tails either! Other than those two things, the obligatory jewelry is always a favorite of mine, especially if it has jewels!