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Eorl's HonorTribe of Swirling Magic


ID#: eh03f
Name: Adonia
Clan of Eorl's Honor
Tribe of Swirling Magic
Green female with blue striping, navy eyes
Silver Horn, Silver Claws, Back Spikes, Neck Collar, Furry Tail, Thick Coat
Starlight Elemental
Stage 2.2

Life Points: 205

Strength: 75
Speed: 60
Intelligence: 65
Cunning: 63
Defense: 102 (Base: 70 + 30% from Back Spikes + 5% from Neck Collar + 10% from Thick Coat)

Growl -- lowers opponent's Defense by 10% of original value each time used
Nip -- 30 Damage
Scratch -- 40 Damage (augmented by Claws)
Bite -- 50 Damage
Charge -- 60 Damage; damage to self inflicted each time used (10% of original Life Point value)
Gouge -- 60 Damage

Starlight Attacks:
Star Toss -- 40 Damage
Comet Slash -- 50 Damage (augmented by Claws)
Meteor Shower -- 50 Damage; does 20 Damage on the following turn and 10 Damage on the turn after that; rules regarding number of turns in a row for damaging attacks do not apply to the afterefects of this move
Starshine -- opponent's next attack misses

Owner: Bright Promise
Redrawn: 05/30/03


Well, there isn't much to say about me, really. I was the first Eorlan here, but by no means the most special. I do think Bright Promise looks up to me to guide the other Eorlan here to victory and it is quite some paws to fill, I must say.

I am the Leader of the Tribe of Swirling Magic, you can add that to my resume too!

And if you haven't noticed, I am a Starlight Elemental and really enjoying it. My most favorite addition would have to be my horn. I was so excited, and I have to look back on this with much fondness of my pup days, when Bright Promise brought home a wonderful, silver horn; and it was just for me.

My best friend would have to be Garret. Us two have stuck around since the early days and have seen many new battlers entering Rhul as well as the birth of Nai's Glory. Even though Garret and I look out for each other, I don't think we would ever make appropriate mates, seeing as how I think of him as a brother. I am not too sure if I see puppies in my future, but it is always a possibility!

I also care for my kitty, Meekus. She is a darling creature that always says the right things, just when I need it. She usually follows me to battle and keeps me compant when I am lonely, which is not too often since there are so many pups and cubs running around here lately!



Name: Meekus
Gender: Female
Color: Rose
Markings: Pink tail tip and forhead.
Price: 35 quox
Owner: Adonia
From: Amaryllis

Meekus is an inquisitive cat and doesn't like to lay around as most other cats do. She stays by Adonia's side all the time now and even whenever she is meeting with members of the Tribe of Swirling Magic.