Keeper of the RealmWelcome, a voice rings out in the darkness. You've found yourself a Rhul Portal I see. A young woman, although young in looks, yet wise in her voice appears with a light white glow following her every move. You've come upon Elaria.

Elaria? Is that your name.

She avoids your glance but continues to speak, In Rhul, Elaria is a portal system that transcends time, land, emotions, anything, connecting you to any given place at any time.

Is that so... you began to speak, before the woman interrupted.

But, I have rule over all travelers here. I could keep you here forever with me if I so desired, she warned with a narrowed stare, That is why it is in your best interest not to be greedy with your new privilege.

Taken aback, you responded, Am I trapped here?

At the moment, yes, since there are no open portals where you stand. Hehe.

This isn't funny. Am I dreaming?

Not likely, you are just... here. Not growing old, not changing... in a sense, dead.

Having just about enough you storm away in the opposite direction, even though there really... wasn't a direction. Alright, that's it, you turned around, facing the Realm Keeper again, Take me back.

Back where?

Where I was before I got to this 'Elaria'.

Well, I could, do you remember where you were before you came here?

You paused and your face contorted as you realized you hadn't a faint clue as to where you were, what you were doing or even what you were thinking before all you saw was darkness. Without saying a word, you blankly shook your head no to the question.

Hmm, the only thing I could suggest to you is try a door.

What door, you say as you quickly turn your body around and are met with a very sturdy wooden frame up against your nose.

That one is pretty good to start with. If you got through, my aids will help you.

Thanks... you trail off, staring at the door. Hearning nothing in reply, you turn your head and see that the woman has disappeared.... figures. Well, nothing was left but the door.


What is Elaria? Elaria has been confused as being its own world, when in reality it is a link between all section of Rhul, past, present and future. This includes the old Republic of Mardesos to the newest kingdom of Mx'tiardor'ol.

Time does not have any presence within the boundaries of Elaria.

It's existence is almost a complete mystery; except through speculation and lore, it is assumed that Aille's right-hand man, Archun of Merdin, and Bright Promise of Hearth, by some mystery, composed this entity between the heavens and the basic world of Rhul to separate those of spirit and those of material worth.

The name Elaria comes from the old world of Merdin. There, Aille's fostered sister, Elaria met Archun. Through events hidden from the public of Rhul about the lands before Rhul, Aille passed through to the undeveloped land of Rhul. Firstly, bringing back Archun. However, Elaria could not be brought back because of a lock on her spirit. As a last chance, Aille could bring Elaria back, but only through a living carrier.

Seeking guidance from Archun, and the person closest to Elaria, he was able to risk the chance to plant Elaria into Rhul. This chance could leave Elaria's spirit to travel during any time space of Rhul's thread and in any form. It was very likely that Archun would miss Elaria's rebirth, and even if he did find where she was planted, that he would have a chance to communicate with her had she been reborn in a plant or animal...


October 6, 2005

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